5 Tips for Enduring Your Kitchen Renovation


The process of remodeling your kitchen is exciting, but can be quite a shock to a family’s daily routine. You don’t realize how much you really use your kitchen until you can’t use it anymore! Here are some tips to help you, and your family, survive your kitchen renovation:

1. Relocate Your Necessities (AKA: The ‘Junk Drawer’)


Every family has what is referred to as the ‘junk drawer.’ It holds things that you might use on a regular basis, but none of which have a particular place they belong. Ink pens, scratch paper, batteries, matches, rulers, calculators, tape, magnets, glue, school supplies, rubber bands… the list goes on! If this drawer is in your kitchen, make sure you move those items to a place that is more accessible while the kitchen is off limits. Read more