From Dated Striped Wallpaper to Caribbean Blue Glam: A Dream Laundry Room Transformation


A laundry room remodel is probably on the majority of homeowners’ wish lists, but it’s not as common of a project for us to complete as kitchen or bathroom remodels. The reason being that many laundry rooms lack the space for a significant remodel and adding square footage requires the right circumstances and a larger budget. Luckily, for our recent clients in Arlington, Texas, they already had a large laundry room that provided a lot of space to play with. We were able to re-design the space and manipulate the layout to create the laundry room of their dreams!
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The Transformation of a 1992 Bathroom: Our September 2017 Newsletter

We were recently able to help our sweet clients in Grapevine, Texas, renovate almost every room in their 1992 home; all that was left was the master bathroom. While the existing bathroom was functional, it was very dated. The clients wanted a beautiful, peaceful retreat that would flow well with the rest of their newly remodeled home, which is exactly what they got! Check out our blog post for the details of
this amazing transformation!

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An Open-Concept Kitchen Gets a Fresh Look & Improved Functionality

Looking back at original floor plans and layouts of our clients’ homes often makes us scratch our heads and think, “why would anyone design it that way in the first place?” Unfortunately, “cookie cutter” homes are not always designed in a way that optimizes usable space. Kitchens, in particular, are typically set up in a way that creates unwanted traffic and congestion in the work areas, isolates the cook from the neighboring rooms, and lacks the necessary features for optimal organization and efficiency. These are the most common complaints we get from our clients looking to renovate, and were definitely the case with our most recent kitchen remodel! Read more

9 Hidden Expenses of Home Remodeling


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You don’t have to be experienced with home remodeling to know that it is an expensive ordeal. A lot of time and energy goes into the process, and several hands are involved in completing all the steps that lead to a successful finished product. This is particularly true if you’re working with a design-build firm, in which case there is a large team of professionals working to create your dream space. Unfortunately, even if you choose cheaper materials, fixtures and appliances, the price is not always a significantly less. Sometimes, there are “hidden expenses” that sneak into the total cost of your remodel. While Medford Remodeling provides a detailed Scope of Work document to break down the budget and expose these hidden costs, other contractors may not be so courteous!
There are also added expenses that may stem from your remodeling project which you may not have thought of ahead of time, such as paying for a temporary off-site storage space or frequently purchasing fast food while your kitchen is under construction. Many homeowners do not take these extra expenses into consideration when budgeting for their renovation, and end up surprised when the total cost comes in at 20-30% more than what they were prepared for.  It’s a good idea to sit down and make a list of everything you can think of that will contribute to your bottom line before getting started on the project. Read more

A Rustic Fireplace Gets an Elegant New Look

Check out this beautiful fireplace we recently remodeled for our clients in Arlington!


Happy Holidays from Medford Remodeling! Our December 2016 Newsletter

The Medford Remodeling Team and our families would like to wish you the happiest of holidays! We are incredibly thankful for the business, referrals and kind words we have continued to receive from our clients this year. Please be safe the remainder of 2016 and keep us in mind for your future home remodeling needs! We look forward to working with you in 2017!

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6 Home Remodeling ‘Precautions’ You Should Actually Avoid (and How a Design Build Firm can Help!)


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A lot is involved when it comes to remodeling your home, especially if you want a finished renovation that is quality and to code. It’s important to do your research and fully prepare before jumping in! Unfortunately, there is a lot of false information out there about what you should do prior to your remodel. Here are 6 home remodeling ‘precautions’ you may be intending for good that could actually cause big problems throughout your project:

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1. Not planning out the entire project from the beginning. Planning your project is a huge factor as to whether or not it will be smooth and successful. You might feel like you’re getting ahead of yourself by making all of your decisions upfront, but doing so prevents issues and delays throughout production. The sooner decisions are made, the sooner materials can be ordered and schedules can be created. There are a lot of parts and pieces involved, and things like backordered products or unavailable professionals can cause a lot of stress and wasted time – all of which can be avoided if proper planning takes place.
How a design build firm can help: The benefit of working with a design build firm instead of just a general contractor is that all of the planning is done for you, at the beginning of the project. At Medford Remodeling, we start planning from the initial consultation, and ensure that the client is aware and involved in every step of the process.
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