3 Trending Kitchen Countertops of 2018

A Guest Post by Adrienne McGuire


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Homeowners, you’ve doubtless already learned that kitchen renovations are one of the most impactful upgrades you can choose for your home; having a beautiful kitchen created from high-quality materials is sure to boost your home’s value substantially. Now more than ever, too, there are trending kitchen countertops that can be incorporated into timeless designs that are sure to delight prospective buyers for many years to come.
It’s crucial to select the countertop materials that will enhance the beauty of your kitchen; seeing a gorgeous photo of a granite countertop on Pinterest that gets your heart racing can be a great place to start, but without considering your lifestyle, your kitchen’s style, and your intended cabinetry, choosing the perfect countertop can be tricky.
That’s why our designers spend time with each client, carefully discussing each aspect of the remodel and learning about their kitchen needs before suggesting countertop materials that will not only deliver the look they desire but will also work with their lifestyle so that their counters will still look amazing in a decade’s time.
Countertops are having quite a moment in the realm of design. Homeowners are in search of open, clutter-free surfaces that support creative cooking, easy cleaning, and frequent entertaining. Because countertops are now usually fully visible, they must be attractive and free of unsightly stains and scratches.
In 2018, the sleek, understated, traditional kitchens that have dominated most of this decade are more popular than ever, with no signs that buyers have lost interest in neutral, soft, open spaces. Subtle textures surrounding integrated sinks have crowded out busy patterns, bright colors, and heavy textures. The entire country has rekindled our fascination with subtlety in home design.
With that in mind, we’ve compiled the following list of countertop materials that have been trending strongly throughout 2018 and are expected to remain popular well into the next decade.
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