Bona Fide Daredevils and Ladder Safety

This photo of our guys framing a second story room addition won a contest Bosch Tools was putting on, with a jobsite radio as the prize. When I saw the contest posted on an industry national newsletter, I knew it was meant to be because the guys needed a new radio for sure! See the picture below to see what I mean. See more pictures below to get a real sense of how high up they are working. We exercise an incredible amount of safety procedures to ensure everyone on our job sites are safe, so these Daredevils can get the job done, as they always do.

Ladder Safety – Leave it to the Professionals
I’ve been climbing ladders all my life. I work with a lot of people who do the same. The vast majority of the time, it works out. But unfortunately, I get to see the worst when ladder climbing goes bad. The main cause of ladder accidents is over confidence and poor planning. Here is a list of things to consider if you use a ladder: Read more