6 Reasons to Upgrade Your Home with LED Lighting


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One common subject we always discuss with our clients during their home remodeling project is replacing the lighting… and by replacing, we mean upgrading! Light Emitting Diodes, or LEDs, are a popular choice among homeowners when compared to conventional lighting options.


Along with the perks of being energy efficient and eco-friendly, LED lighting makes a huge difference in the look and feel of a room! Clients are always surprised at how much brighter their space looks once LED lighting is installed. It really is the best choice if you want to showcase a remodeled area, like a kitchen or bathroom. Because there are different options available – can lights, tubes, and strip lights – LEDs are a great option for both primary and accent lighting. These different options can also be used together to create a no shadow environment. Read more

Under-Cabinet Lighting

When we are designing the lighting for a kitchen we always include under-cabinet lights. Under-cabinet lights provide task lighting on the counter tops that complements the overhead lighting we install over the work spaces and dramatically reduces shadows in the work space. These lights also double as ambiance lights at night as the light brightens the backsplash and enhances its appearance.

There are three types of under-cabinet lights: fluorescent, incandescent and LED.

Fluorescent Lights

My clients are often surprised to find out that fluorescent lights are my favorite of the three. When most of us think of fluorescent lights, we think of the buzzing, flickering, fading bulbs we’ve seen in years past. Like a lot of things, technology has made fluorescent lights much better. The compact lamps can be concealed easily, there are choices of the light hue that can be made, they come on instantly, and they don’t flicker, buzz or hum like the old school ones did. The bulbs come in a wide variety of lengths so it’s easy to get full coverage without leaving dark spots or light gaps. Along with bright uniform lighting, the bulbs have long life spans. Read more