Our March 2024 Newsletter

A Patio Enclosure Turned Home Bar Do you have a covered patio area that you don’t use? Have you dreamt about the possibilities for that seemingly wasted square footage? If your answer is yes, you’ll want to see our

Our February 2024 Newsletter

Exterior remodeling is among the popular requests we get this time of year; Spring is on the way, along with warmer temperatures and storms. Oftentimes, updating the home’s exterior is not only to improve its curb appeal but also

Our January 2023 Newsletter

Can you have too much of a good thing? Unfortunately, yes! Our client’s original master bathroom had floor-to-ceiling mirrors… on almost every wall. This was a very popular trend back in the 1980s, but this space was way overdue for

Our December 2023 Newsletter

If you’ve got a room that needs to be remodeled, but you don’t need to change the layout, the pull-and-replace option is for you! Our recent clients in Arlington are the perfect example — they had a small kid’s

Our November 2023 Newsletter

One of the best things about remodeling your home is the ability to get creative, particularly with a design-build firm! Our clients in Arlington were thrilled with the idea of seeing renderings of their remodeled kitchen with the goal

Our October 2023 Newsletter

If you need inspiration to refresh a dark, dated kitchen, you’ll want to check out our recent project in Colleyville! The original kitchen and family room in the 1990’s home were full of rich, dark cabinetry and heavy

Our September 2023 Newsletter

    A home renovation doesn’t have to mean a super trendy, modern outcome. Our recent client in Fort Worth wanted to refresh her 1940’s kitchen without losing the style and charm of that era. One of the main

Our August 2023 Newsletter

Everyone enjoys time to relax and unwind after a long day. For our clients in Burleson, upgrading their dated master bathroom into a serene escape was something they had dreamt of for years. Their existing bathroom included an

Our July 2023 Newsletter

A guest bathroom might not be first on your list of remodels, but when you consider that it IS the bathroom that friends, family, and visitors use — of course, it needs attention, too! Our recent clients in

Our June 2023 Newsletter

Remodeling your home doesn’t only allow for an improvement in functionality, an update in aesthetic, and customization in layout — it also creates the opportunity for your personal style to be reflected in your space. What more could you

Our May 2023 Newsletter

If you remember our project blog from last month, our clients in Grapevine struggled with the location of their laundry room behind the kitchen. The solution was to relocate the laundry room off the main bedroom by completing

Our April 2023 Newsletter

Our recent clients in Grapevine came to us with a problem to solve — the existing laundry room was located directly behind the kitchen, which required them to lug their laundry zig-zagged through the kitchen and up the