Mike’s Guys: A Polished Kitchen Refresh in Arlington

If you have kept up with our Small Projects Division, Mike’s Guys, you know that a big part of what they address involves kitchen and bathroom updates that are not large-scale remodels. These projects don’t require design packages; no floor plans or renderings to be drawn. All major components of the space remain in the same location and may or may not include minor modifications. A great example is this small kitchen update our Mike’s Guys team recently completed in Arlington, Texas. Read more

A 90’s Kitchen Gets a Sleek Transformation

Our recent clients had a beautiful 4,700 square-foot home in Keller, Texas. The spacious 1990’s house included a large kitchen, complete with an L-shaped bar for seating and a small center island. While the size of the kitchen itself was great, the layout was not ideal. The clients loved to cook as a family, so the existing footprint with the bar on the outside and the island in the middle made it difficult for multiple people to be in the kitchen at once. This resulted in a very congested, crowded workspace. The clients came to us not only wanting to resolve this issue, but also had hopes to modernize the kitchen’s dated appearance with an open-concept look. Read more

A Stunning 90’s Kitchen Transformation

Our recent Southlake clients absolutely love hosting get-togethers with friends and family in their beautiful 1990’s home. Unfortunately, the original floor plan just wasn’t accommodating for their average crowd of 15-20 guests. With the holidays quickly approaching, they diligently searched for a commendable contractor that could assist with both the aesthetic appeal and the functional design of their kitchen, formal dining room, formal living room, and breakfast area. After being referred to us by a few different people and reading many positive reviews, they reached out to Medford Design-Build to set up an in-home consultation. Read more

3 Trending Kitchen Countertops of 2018

A Guest Post by Adrienne McGuire


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Homeowners, you’ve doubtless already learned that kitchen renovations are one of the most impactful upgrades you can choose for your home; having a beautiful kitchen created from high-quality materials is sure to boost your home’s value substantially. Now more than ever, too, there are trending kitchen countertops that can be incorporated into timeless designs that are sure to delight prospective buyers for many years to come.
It’s crucial to select the countertop materials that will enhance the beauty of your kitchen; seeing a gorgeous photo of a granite countertop on Pinterest that gets your heart racing can be a great place to start, but without considering your lifestyle, your kitchen’s style, and your intended cabinetry, choosing the perfect countertop can be tricky.
That’s why our designers spend time with each client, carefully discussing each aspect of the remodel and learning about their kitchen needs before suggesting countertop materials that will not only deliver the look they desire but will also work with their lifestyle so that their counters will still look amazing in a decade’s time.
Countertops are having quite a moment in the realm of design. Homeowners are in search of open, clutter-free surfaces that support creative cooking, easy cleaning, and frequent entertaining. Because countertops are now usually fully visible, they must be attractive and free of unsightly stains and scratches.
In 2018, the sleek, understated, traditional kitchens that have dominated most of this decade are more popular than ever, with no signs that buyers have lost interest in neutral, soft, open spaces. Subtle textures surrounding integrated sinks have crowded out busy patterns, bright colors, and heavy textures. The entire country has rekindled our fascination with subtlety in home design.
With that in mind, we’ve compiled the following list of countertop materials that have been trending strongly throughout 2018 and are expected to remain popular well into the next decade.
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Natural Stone vs. Engineered Stone: What is best for Kitchen Counters?


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Choosing the right stone counter top is one of the biggest decisions you will make for your kitchen remodel. Not only will this be a big part of the budget, but it will also influence the design and longevity of the rest of the kitchen.
Both natural and engineered stone have their advantages, so it’s a good idea to compare the two before making your final decision.

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Natural Stone
While there are many natural options available, granite is still one of the top picks, as it is recognized as the prominent high-end option and can help boost your home’s value. It’s also known for its unique appearance and the long-lasting durability that natural stone has to offer.
The natural minerals found in granite — including quartz, tourmaline, topaz, garnet and others– contribute to the beautiful natural flaws and irregularities we see in granite counter tops. No two slabs of granite are identical, allowing for your kitchen design to truly be one-of-a-kind (a big appeal to many homeowners). On the other hand, it can be difficult to match colors within your kitchen. Often times, a slab of granite will even appear to be a different color once it’s installed under your kitchen lights than it did when you first fell in love with it at the warehouse.
Aside from granite, other natural stone choices include:
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