4 Home Remodeling Realities that HGTV Gets Wrong

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In the era of reality TV, house flipping, and the ever-growing realm of visual-based social media, home remodeling is becoming a more and more popular subject. Everyone wants to have an “Instagram worthy” interior, but even more, homeowners want to experience the complete design process they see on HGTV. The heartwarming backstory of the couple looking for a home, finding a “diamond in the rough”, and having it transformed into their breathtaking dream home: it’s an emotional journey that almost all of us can identify with. Seeing the impressive 3D renderings, the thrift store finds, the unexpected issues and the dramatic final reveal is enough to make you jump online and search for a local contractor on the next commercial break. It’s no wonder so many of our clients mention an HGTV show as the main source of inspiration for their remodel! Read more