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Staircases are significant structural staples in two-story homes, which can feel a bit overwhelming when it comes to remodeling or reconfiguring them. While some staircase projects are more complex than others, nine times out of ten, they’re just as doable as any other type of renovation. Of course, as with any significant remodel, it’s critical to hire a company that is knowledgeable and experienced with that specific type of project. The Medford Team has been privileged to successfully complete several staircase remodels across Tarrant County over the years, all of which turned out beautifully!


One of the most substantial stair projects was this one completed by our Design-Build division. Unlike many staircase remodels, this one needed to be updated for more than simple aesthetics – it was a major safety concern for the homeowners. The original staircase was very steep with a sharp turn at the top. Because there was not a landing space, the steps around the turn narrowed significantly as they approached the second floor. The short turn and uneven steps created a dangerous fall hazard; particularly for guests that were not familiar with this section of stairs.
















To resolve this issue, our designers created a landing area between two flights of stairs, allowing for wider, even steps. The storage closet that was originally under the staircase was relocated to the left of the stairs, just beside the dining room. The entry door to the bedroom to the right of the stairs was also moved down to allow for the space needed for the new staircase.


The aesthetics were also updated, with the removal of the carpet and replacing of the wood railing with a more modern iron and wood option. The clients were put at ease that we were able to provide a safe and beautiful solution to their once-dangerous staircase problem.







Of course, not all staircase updates are that complex. Here are a few remodels completed by our Small Projects Division, Mike’s Guys, that did not involve reworking the stairs: only replacing the railing, banisters, and flooring. These are examples of “cosmetic” remodels in which the functionality of the stairs was still up to par and the primary focus was the aesthetic.














It’s impressive to see how an outdated staircase can be transformed into a modern, stylish feature! There are thousands of different styles of railing and banisters that can be selected for a truly unique, custom finish.




If you have a tired staircase that needs a refresh, our team would be happy to assist! Whether it’s an extensive reconfiguration or a simple cosmetic update, our professionals can make sure the job is done correctly and to the highest level of quality. Contact us today for more information!


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