Medford’s Leading Women: Movers & Shakers in the Remodeling Industry!




As the interior design profession is primarily dominated by women, the Medford team is proud to share our support in providing a conduit for women to enter and succeed in the business world of home remodeling. Along with our processes, our team has grown and evolved over the years to include skillful, knowledgeable women that have proven to be movers and shakers. For three years in a row, Medford has had 3 women recognized in Pro Remodeler’s “40 Under 40” making a difference in the remodeling industry. This is a high honor, and we are so very proud to name these women as an essential part of the Medford family!



Kourtney Davis – Chief Executive Officer, General Manager


Kourtney Davis is our CEO and General Manager. Along with being a home builder’s daughter, Kourtney has 17 years of experience in the industry and holds a BFA in Human Relations and an AA in Interior Design. She has been with the Medford Team since 2015 and her leadership to the team ensures best practices are followed so that we can continue to provide high-quality service to our clients. Kourtney was recognized in Pro Remodeler’s 40 Under 40 in 2021.



Stephanie Milford – Senior Interior Designer


Stephanie Milford is our Senior Interior Designer. She holds a BS in Interior Design and Housing with a minor in Business Marketing. She has been with Medford since 2010 and really created the foundation for the design department we have today. Along with her tenure with Medford, she has over 35 years of industry experience as an independent Interior Designer. She oversees the final selections for our projects to ensure they bring our clients’ dreams to life. Stephanie is to credit for over 10 Houzz rewards Medford has received for ‘Best of Design,’ as well as the ‘Best in Industry’ award for 4 consecutive years by Society Life Magazine.




Ali Doskocil – Vice President of Marketing and Decorative Staging


Ali Doskocil is our Vice President of Marketing and Decorative Staging. She holds a BFA in Graphic Design and has been with our team since 2014. She manages our website, social media, blogs, newsletter, print mailers, staging for our finished project photography, and oversees all aspects of marketing. Ali was recognized in Pro Remodeler’s 40 Under 40 in 2022.




Brandy Anderson – Technical Designer & Senior Draftsman


Brandy Anderson is our Technical Designer and Senior Draftsman. She has been on the Medford Team since 2019 and holds a BS in Interior Design. Brandy is responsible for overseeing our Design-Build drafting process including technical floorplans, 3-D renderings, virtual walk-throughs, estimating, and permitting. She collaborates with our clients during every aspect of our design process to make sure their dreams are graphically brought to life while ensuring the designs are technically and structurally planned for the best use of space. Brandy was recognized in Pro Remodeler’s 40 Under 40 in 2023.




Chelsie Winiger – Interior Designer


Chelsie Winiger is our Interior Designer and joined the team in 2022. She has a BA in Interior Design with a minor in Photography and is responsible for assisting with our Design-Build drafting processes, office management and introducing our new clients to our Design-Build and Mike’s Guys processes. It is a special combination to have outstanding people skills and still be so talented on a creative level; Chelsie doesn’t leave any box unchecked!




Sweetie – Stress Control Manager


We can’t forget Sweetie! Sweetie is our original Stress Control Manager starting with the team in 2014. She is one of Mike Sr.’s rescue dogs, and along with her owner, has recently retired. Although she is no longer involved in our day-to-day office operations, she still comes to visit and is loved by the whole team. She is a great judge of character until you rub her belly…then all bets are off!





Without a doubt, Medford Remodeling would not be what it is today without these women and the rest of our incredible team. We intend to continue to emphasize our core values of education and professionalism, further propelling each of our team members into a successful future. The goal is not only to reflect these values in each individual, but also to allow it to ripple through every part of our business. After all, quality and overall success cannot be obtained without first establishing a strong foundation of professional excellence. We are beyond grateful that the Medford team is continuing to move forward to develop this level of excellence (and is being recognized for it!)



Warm Regards,


The Medford Team



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