Why is Custom Cabinetry the Best Choice for Your Kitchen Remodel?

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Any homeowner that has undergone a kitchen remodel can tell you that the cabinets you choose make a huge impact on the look and style of your kitchen. If there is one thing you don’t want to skimp on, it’s the cabinets! By choosing an experienced craftsman to create your custom cabinets, your new cabinetry will be an extension of your personality, lifestyle and individuality, which makes for a truly one-of-a-kind kitchen!




A custom cabinetmaker and your project designer will work closely with you to design and build cabinetry that perfectly fits your needs and personal taste. The right design can give a whole new layout to your kitchen (not to mention, additional storage space!) with the right materials, fixtures and finishes chosen specifically for you and the style you’re going for. This is typically very important to our clients; if they are paying to have their kitchen remodeled to fit their wants and needs, why would they choose generic over unique and custom designed?!




In addition to providing customized cabinetry suited to your needs, choosing a custom cabinetmaker gives you the opportunity to:
• Be involved in the design process.
• Use the best quality materials for the job.
• Access a greater variety of products and accessories to completely personalize your project.






Not convinced? Here are few examples of the differences between custom and stock cabinets:


Custom Cabinetry
• Made with high quality materials.
• Custom fit for your kitchen, Utilizing all available space.
• Built locally.
• Provide endless options – including green alternatives.
• Clients work with a detailed and thorough designer to get just what you envision.



Prefabricated Cabinets
• Often made with lower grade, cost cutting materials.
• Come in standard sizes – Use fillers to fit.
• Shipped from regional distribution centers.
• Stock materials often provide limited options.
• Finishes don’t hold up as well as custom finishes.
• Orders are placed over the phone or in a showroom.






While the options in stock cabinetry are increasing, the main difference is still quality. Only a custom cabinetmaker works with you to perfectly design a kitchen that fits your needs then follows a hands-on process with the best materials and greatest attention to detail. For complete, top quality kitchen cabinets made just for you, contact Medford Remodeling today! Our skilled cabinetmaker can help you get a one-of-a-kind look and quality you will appreciate for years!


Happy Designing!



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