Vinyl Sliding-Glass Patio Doors and a Few Tips on Selecting Replacement Doors

vinyl sliding-glass patio door

We’ve installed several vinyl sliding-glass patio doors recently, and although I was reluctant at first, I have since become a fan of these doors. My reluctance came from a couple of decades of trying to repair and having to replace the old-school aluminum and wood sliding doors.

Wood and aluminum expand and contract with changes in heat and humidity, which affect the performance and will shorten the life of these types of doors. The great thing about the new-age vinyl doors is that vinyl is much more stable during the heat and humidity changes, and the result is a door that will last a very long time.

Other features that make this a great door are the Low E glass, integrated weather-stripping systems, and easy-to-adjust heavy-duty tandem rollers that provide effortless operation. From a security standpoint, the fusion-welded vinyl frame and cam and mortise locking system make this door much more secure than most any standard residential entry door.

These benefits along with the color, glass and divided light options make this a great door that can work in most any home design. If you are thinking about replacing a door on your home, here are a few tips to help you select the right door for you:

  • Always think of function first. The door swing versus traffic pattern, amount of visibility desired and security features are a few key functions to consider.
  • Consider changing the look and feel to invent a new environment. If you have a half glass door now, consider a full view. If there is extra space, consider widening the door space with side lights or a second panel. How about integrating a doggie door into a back door?
  • Go look at doors at an entry door showroom. I recommend you visit with Charles Finney at Nix Door. Nix’s has a fantastic showroom with all types of doors on display, and Charles has the knowledge to help steer you towards making the right choice for your new door.
  • Call us for a free on-site design and estimate consultation for the door of your dreams.

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