A Master Bathroom Stuck in ’92 Gets a 2017 Refresh


Our most recent remodeling project involved updating the master bathroom in a 1992 home in Grapevine, Texas. While the original bathroom was functional, it definitely lacked the aesthetic appeal of the rest of the home, which we recently helped the clients renovate. There was no need to change the layout of the space, aside from installing a smaller tub to allow for a larger shower. The idea was to simply upgrade the room with new flooring, tiles, vanities, counter tops, and lighting. It’s amazing what an impact these changes can make!
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A Dated Master Bathroom Gets a New Look & The Ultimate Shower

Our recent clients in Arlington, Texas wanted to update their original 1970’s master bathroom with something they had been dreaming of for a long time – a remodeled shower. Due to the layout of the original bathroom and the built-in corner soaking tub that they never used, there was a lot of wasted space. Not to mention the original shower, which was lack-luster and very small. The clients also had to share a sink, which is never ideal in a shared master bathroom!  After discussing these issues with the clients, our designers modified the floor plans and redesigned the space by removing the clunky corner tub and tiny shower and converting the entire wall into a spacious, luxury shower. The vanity was also updated with an additional sink, custom electrical outlets, and reworked drawers for better storage. Read more

A Dated Master Bathroom Gets a New Look & The Ultimate Shower

Master Bathroom Remodel and Tips on Bathroom Design

Here are some tips if you are planning on remodeling a bathroom:

  • Figure out a way to do a total remodel rather than a partial one. If you do a little here and a little there, you will always have a bathroom that needs remodeled, and it will cost a lot more if and when it ever gets completely finished.
  • Don’t be afraid to move walls and fixtures. If you look at an overview of your bathroom floor plan, you will see it’s just a box with the various bathroom components set in the space. Most of the time the layout is just fine, but sometimes, moving things around makes sense in order to rid the space of any annoyances.
  • Have fun with the design process. Collect pictures you run across of bathroom features that you like. This collection of pictures will reveal the overall look you want, and will help the designer and contractor make sure you get the bathroom you are dreaming of.
  • Hire a professional designer. Even if you have a good sense of color and just know what you want, an experienced bathroom designer will be able to tie it all together and have the answers the contractor is looking for to ensure a smooth and successful project.
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