5 Tips to Avoid a Bad Home Remodeling Experience

The entire process of remodeling your home – no matter how big or small the project is – can be intimidating. It is every homeowner’s nightmare to have a bad experience with a contractor and end up with an incomplete or poorly constructed remodel. Unfortunately, for those who are uneducated or inexperienced in the realm of home remodeling, it is easy to be duped into hiring a bad contractor. But don’t worry, if you know the right steps to take, you won’t end up in regret! Here are 5 tried-and-true tips to help you choose a reputable contractor and avoid a bad home remodeling experience. Read more

5 Ways to Prepare for Your Home Remodeling Project

We recently had a new client of ours call in and schedule a pre-construction meeting with our project manager to discuss exactly what she needed to do to prepare her home for remodeling. Though this is an exciting time for most homeowners, it can be overwhelming once they truly grasp the chaos that will be their home for the next few months! While half of the battle is choosing the right contractor and knowing what you want in your renovation, a big part of having an easy and positive experience is based on the preparation leading up to the remodel. Here are 5 ways you can prepare for your upcoming home remodeling project: Read more