Sweet Summer Time: Our June 2015 Newsletter

Summer Home Maintenance

Can you believe we’re already half way through 2015? This year is really flying by! Autumn and the holidays will be here before you know it. With the busy months just around the corner, summer is a great time to cross some things off your home maintenance checklist (especially those things you meant to do back in the spring!) Here are some great home maintenance ideas to consider for summer:

  1. Change your air filter. When it’s hot, the air handler works more often and the filter accumulates more dust and dirt. A dirty filter can cause your air handler to not work as efficiently, which ends up costing you on your monthly electricity bill!
  2.  Look the exterior paint over. Look for cracking caulk, warped wood, dry rot and oxidizing paint. Make the repairs while the air is nice and dry—this helps the caulk and paint stick better than against even slightly damp surfaces. If your home looks like it could use a paint job soon, have it done now! It is amazing how fast a house will deteriorate once the paint and caulk start failing.
  3. Clean out the garage. Donating or hauling off items that you don’t ever use is a great way to create extra space in the garage (that you’ll be thankful for in the colder months!)  Make sure you dispose of hazardous items properly, and check your garage floor for grease spots that may be caused by fluids leaking from your car.
  4. Clean your dryer vent. We recently cleaned a dryer vent on a house we are remodeling, and I was shocked at how much lint was in there. Dryer fires from dirty dryer vents are one of the main causes of home fires. Keep your home and your family safe by cleaning your vent regularly!
  5. Lawn Maintenance.  Make sure your sprinklers aren’t wasting water, and remove any vegetation that is against the house. Be sure to check the oil in your mower and top off or change as needed to protect the engine from the summer heat.

 Lawn Maintenance

We would also like to remind you that even though we specialize in luxury remodeling, we also offer a wide range of home maintenance services — available for all types of homes and budgets!

Our ‘Handy Craftsmen’ can assist you with small projects, such as hanging shelving or replacing fixtures, or bigger projects, like installing decking or a new front door!

Home Maintenace Services

So whatever home maintenance projects you’d like to finish before the end of summer, we’re here to help! Contact us today for your home maintenance needs!


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