Consultation Process

If you are unsure about the design process and prefer to meet for some advice, guidance and ballpark estimates, one of our Sr Designers and one of our Project Developers, would be happy to meet with you for a consultation!


Our Senior Designers have over 20 years experience and will be able to walk you through the process, answer your questions, discuss what is doable based on the structure of your home and your budget, and give you a ballpark estimate of the cost and timeline required for us to complete the project. They will then quote you a price for your designs based on the scope of work for your project.


Upon collecting the design fee, our team will then take notes, measurements, and photos of your existing home. We’ll have your custom design package complete in about 2 weeks, at which point, we will give you a call to set up the review meeting at our office. During that meeting, our team will pull up the 3D designs on our big screen and go over the proposal with you. Once any necessary revisions are made, the plans are yours, and you can make your decision to proceed with us as your contractor or continue the project on your own with the design plans we have provided.


Keep in mind that if you do use us as your contractor after we’ve designed your project, the design fee will go toward your down payment, so you will not lose that money. We will also completely manage the project for you from that point, meaning we obtain the required permits from the city, provide you with selection assistance with our Interior Designer, order and track all of your materials, work with our vetted team of professionals (plumber, electrician, carpenter, etc.) to have your remodel installed correctly and on schedule, and ensure that final inspections are done by the city once everything is complete. We also assign a Project Manager to your project once construction begins. Your Project Manager will be your point of contact throughout the project and follow-up with you at the end of each day to let you know what was completed and what’s next. With us, you will be very much involved and aware of what is happening throughout your remodel, but you will not be responsible for managing any of it on your own.


The consultation fee is $225, which you would need to pay over the phone by card when scheduling the appointment. If you decide you want to move forward and purchase designs at the price our Designer discusses with you, you can then pay the design fee minus the $225 consultation fee during your appointment.


If you have additional questions or would like to schedule a consultation, please give our office a call at 817-446-0368 or email us at