Making a Kitchen the New Living Room and Best Wishes for the New Year

kitchen after remodel

A common complaint from our clients about their old kitchens is that they’re isolated, so you end up with a lonely cook, or too many people in the kitchen visiting when the cooking needs to be done. The solution is simple—knock out some wall and create a living space which is integrated with the adjacent rooms, making the kitchen the center—or “heart”—of the home.

removed wall

We recently completed a project where we did just that. To the left is the before picture of the wall we removed. Removing the wall opened the view to the finished kitchen, above. Looking from the kitchen into the living room, below, you can also see how the new, dramatic fireplace becomes integrated with the color scheme of the kitchen, creating one large, inviting gathering place.

fireplace before and after
Isn’t it amazing how knocking out 10’ of wall can transform a space? We documented this project from design to finish with video and pictures so we can share the entire process. One of our New Year’s resolutions is to have that information on our web site to share with you by the end of January. Thank you for your business and friendship this year; we wish you all the best in the coming New Year.

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PS: The next blog will be on January 8th. Have a great holiday season!

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