Major Bathroom Remodel – Week One

demo team
We have our major bathroom remodel project underway! Michael, Dave and Neil got the demolition done, Chris roughed in the electrical, Warren and his guys got the plumbing roughed in and Ron and his guys got the drywall textured. When we do a full remodel on a bathroom, getting the drywall done in the first week is always the goal.

old shower plastic

Fortunately there weren’t any big surprises.  We did find plastic had been attached to the walls between the framing and the drywall behind the tile showers. Whenever we find plastic in a shower, we also find mold. I suppose the intent for installing the plastic is to keep any water that leaks through the tile and drywall away from the framing and insulation. The problem is that the plastic creates a condensation point and mold-growing climate. We’ll get it all cleaned up, install a concrete backer board screwed directly to the studs. We use a good quality thin set to install the tile, a good quality grout and a good quality sealer.  Along with a properly installed vulcanized rubber shower pan, water penetration into the walls is not an issue.

plastic in old shower

The Importance of  Good Ventilation in the Bathroom

Humid air is the number one item that causes a bathroom to deteriorate prematurely. It causes wall paper to peel, cabinets to discolor, promotes mold growth and causes unsealed grout to decay prematurely. The best way to deal with the humid air is to use a vent fan, properly vented through the roof, to remove the moist air after a shower.

This week we will set the cabinets and install the trim, and get the painting and staining done. I’ll post more pictures and updates as we progress.


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