A Modern Front Door Replacement in Grapevine



Our handyman division, Mike’s Guys, handles smaller projects such as repairs, maintenance, and pull-and-replace remodels. They also address various exterior projects, like siding repairs, exterior painting, and window and door replacements. When our recent clients came to us needing a new front door, Mike’s Guys stepped in to ease the client’s concerns and get the job done!


Our client’s home was built in 1952, just off Grapevine Lake. One of the homeowners grew up in the house and later purchased it from his Mother. The entrance area where the front door is located was originally the garage and was converted into a living space in the 70’s. Due to framing issues, the existing front door began to drag on the floor and wouldn’t close properly. The functionality issues were becoming more than just a nuisance on windy days, when the door would swing open if it wasn’t locked. The dogs loved it, but the homeowners – not so much!







The original door unit also included glass side panels (side lites), but unfortunately, the previous owners opted to have them boarded up instead of replacing the expensive glass when the time came. The result was a dark, drab entry area.





Our team removed the old door unit and reframed the area so the new door would open and close properly. The clients wanted a more modern look and selected a custom door unit as a replacement.








The smooth fiberglass door with satin glass side lites create a contemporary look that allows natural light to come in while still providing ample privacy. This updated door and natural light has completely transformed their front entry!





The clients are thrilled with their new front door and love the modern aesthetic. We’d like to say a special thank you to them for trusting us with their home and for providing these great photos!


If your front door could use replacing — due to functionality, appearance, or both – Mike’s Guys Handyman would be happy to help! Contact us today for more information!


Warm Regards,


Mike’s Guys




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