A Craftsman-Style Door Replacement in Arlington




Medford Remodeling has long been associated with luxury remodeling and large-scale renovations. However, that’s not all we do! Our small projects division, Mike’s Guys, handles smaller projects such as repairs, maintenance, and pull-and-replace remodels. They also address various exterior projects, like siding repairs, exterior painting, and window and door replacements.


This client’s West Arlington home was built in 1994 and had the original front door intact. While the existing door was functional, the homeowners wanted to replace it with a more modern unit for an updated aesthetic. They chose a Craftsman-style Masonite unit with side lites. The scope of work involved removing the existing door, trim, and frame, and installing the new ones, followed by painting the inside and outside.










The pop of blue breathes new life and curb appeal to our client’s front porch. They are thrilled with the outcome! It just goes to show that small renovation projects can make a big impact in your home.


If your front door needs a facelift, or if you’ve got another small project you need help with, Mike’s Guys is happy to help! Contact us today for more information.


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