6 Reasons to do Home Improvement Projects in the Winter



Many homeowners don’t consider winter as a good time to get home repairs and improvement projects done. Understandably so, as the busy holiday season can be a hectic time for everyone (not to mention the cold, wet weather that comes along with it!). However, the winter can be an ideal time to complete those projects you’ve been sitting on. Not convinced?  Here are 5 reasons winter is the best time to do home improvement projects:

1. Contractor Availability: Because most people do not invest in major home projects during the winter, contractors have increased availability during this time, making it more convenient for you to schedule a time to meet with them. This also provides for a quicker timeline for your project to be completed, unlike during the busy spring or summer when scheduling construction may be pushed out several weeks, or months!


2. You Have More Free Time: Depending on their occupation, most people have a fair amount of off-time during the holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s all provide for time away from the office, freeing up time for research, gathering estimates, meeting with contractors, and scheduling construction.


3. Smart Savings: Since business is slower in the cold months, savings can sometimes be found on items like doors, windows, tile, flooring and even lumber. You’d be surprised at the amount of money you can save!


4. Better Clean-up Technology: It may have been the case in the past that doing indoor projects during the winter would lead to a mess in the house. However, today’s technology, such as negative pressure fans and plastic zip doors, will help confine the dust and fumes to the area of the project itself (without interfering with your holiday décor!).



5. Trees are easier to trim: Trees are dormant and leafless in the winter, making it easier to see exactly where on the branch you want to cut. Take advantage of the winter to get rid of those branches that have been blocking your view or encroaching on your house.




6. You Can Make Spring & Summer Plans: With your big home projects behind you, your spring and summer will be wide-open for vacations, house parties, and relaxation! You can enjoy the New Year with the peace of mind that your home improvement projects have been completed!




So if you’re ready to get your home improvement projects completed before spring rolls around, contact us today – we’d be happy to help you out!


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