Mike’s Guys: Can I Paint My Home’s Exterior in the Winter?

Photo Source     It is a beautiful time of year in North Texas. Many of the days are chilly in the morning, warming up to 60 or 70 during mid-day, and then cooling off again in the evening. However, if you’ve lived in Texas any length of time, you know the weather can be […]

A Modern Jack & Jill Bathroom Refresh in Southlake

Every so often, we have clients that come to us for the design of their project and then wait a while to pull the trigger on the construction portion. This delay can be for a number of reasons – waiting for a specific event or holiday to pass, a recent change in career, […]

Our December 2021 Newsletter

  If you have ever dealt with a lack of storage space in your home, you know how frustrating it can be! Our recent clients in Aledo, TX had a similar experience and wanted to take advantage of an unused area in their attic. The area was conveniently located just off their […]

MLK Jr Day of Service: Socks, Hats, & Gloves Donation Drive

The National Multicultural Western Heritage Museum of Fort Worth is hosting a donation drive and a free family fun day, coming up in January!   Donations of childrens’ and adults’ socks, gloves, knit caps, and blankets are needed and will benefit the “Help for Desperate and Needy People (HDNP) International” Organization.   […]