A Modern Front Door Replacement in Grapevine

Our handyman division, Mike’s Guys, handles smaller projects such as repairs, maintenance, and pull-and-replace remodels. They also address various exterior projects, like siding repairs, exterior painting, and window and door replacements. When our recent clients came to us needing a new front door, Mike’s Guys stepped in to ease the client’s concerns and get the job done!

Our client’s home was built in 1952, just off Grapevine Lake. One of the homeowners grew up in the house and later purchased it from his Mother. The entrance area where the front door is located was originally the garage and was converted into a living space in the 70’s. Due to framing issues, the existing front door began to drag on the floor and wouldn’t close properly. The functionality issues were becoming more than just a nuisance on windy days, when the door would swing open if it wasn’t locked. The dogs loved it, but the homeowners – not so much! Read more

Mike’s Guys: Is Shiplap Worth All the Hype?

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One of the most popular home projects you’ll hear about these days is replacing or covering drywall walls with shiplap. This wooden sheathing was originally used for exterior construction but has recently become all the rage in interiors (thanks, Chip & Joanna!) Similar to a tongue-and-groove siding, shiplap has a special notch cut on its edges, causing the boards to rest on top of each other and overlap. This unique design allows them to self-space and fit together perfectly — keeping water from getting behind them. The finished look is simple, clean, and easy to maintain. Read more

Our January 2021 Newsletter

It’s hard to believe the holiday season has come and gone and we’re already through the first week of 2021. The past 12 months have been a wild ride for us all, and we are ready to move forward to better things! On behalf of the entire Medford Team, we’d like to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone that supported us throughout 2020 and helped us continue to work as an essential business. We wish you the happiest New Year, and of course, look forward to working with you in 2021! Read more

The Timeline of a Remodel: What to Expect

We recently had a client contact us about having his kitchen remodeled. Upon discussing our process of completion from designs to construction, he asked a common question we hear from almost all of our clients: “how long will the entire remodel take to complete?

This is a great question! Everyone wants to know exactly how long it will be until they are able to enjoy their new kitchen, bathroom, or other remodeled space. Unfortunately, there is not a “canned answer” we can offer to everyone because we don’t always know exactly how long certain steps of the process will take. For example, obtaining the required permits could take several weeks depending on the city and the project, which could push back the start date significantly. This definitely isn’t common (in most cases, we receive the permit within 10 business days), but it is a possibility, and we’re sure to educate our clients on the process and timeline prior beginning the work. Read more