A Master Bathroom Stuck in ’92 Gets a 2017 Refresh


Our most recent remodeling project involved updating the master bathroom in a 1992 home in Grapevine, Texas. While the original bathroom was functional, it definitely lacked the aesthetic appeal of the rest of the home, which we recently helped the clients renovate. There was no need to change the layout of the space, aside from installing a smaller tub to allow for a larger shower. The idea was to simply upgrade the room with new flooring, tiles, vanities, counter tops, and lighting. It’s amazing what an impact these changes can make!
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Dated Master Bathroom Gets a Spa-Like Upgrade


Our recent clients in Grand Prairie, Texas were looking to make updates and modifications throughout the majority of their 20-year-old home. One of their top priorities was upgrading the dated, crowded, and poorly laid out master bathroom. Not only were we able to create a beautiful, modern look, but also a more functional space with handicap-accessible features.

The original bathroom was designed by the builder to appeal to potential buyers, with double vanities, a corner garden tub, and a modern framed glass shower. While these features might sound good on paper and certainly would intrigue a new home buyer, the reality was that the bathroom was much too small for two vanities, the corner tub was difficult to get to, and the framed glass was small and quickly became outdated.
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From Cramped to Classy: A Compact Bathroom Transformation

It’s amazing how much bigger a compact space can feel when a sleek, minimalist design is introduced. Take it from these clients, who were tired of their cramped and dated master bathroom. As you can see in the before photos, the narrow space was cramped with massive cabinets, a clunky built-in tub, and low hanging light fixtures. Luckily, our team of professional designers got to work and created an open-concept, flowing design to solve our client’s cramped bathroom woes.


In this before shot, you can see the toilet room and shower were very dated an felt over crowded in such a small space. Read more

Is It OK to Remove Your Master Bathtub?

One common question we get from our clients that are considering a master bathroom remodel is whether or not they should keep their bathtub. Most people would rather have a large master bathroom shower and no bathtub rather than having a small shower and a tub they never use.

Here are some aspects to consider if you are on the fence about keeping your bathtub:

Does Your Home Have a Second Bathroom With a Bathtub?
Most homes are built with tubs or shower-tub combos in each full-sized bathroom throughout the house, so many homes have a minimum of two tubs. In this case, taking out the master bathtub is no big deal. However, if your master bathroom bathtub is the only bathtub in the house, you should not remove it! Read more

Aging in Place: Facts to Consider about Walk-in Tubs

Aging in place means preparing of your home to be a comfortable and safe environment as you get older through the installation of universal designs. Things like grab bars, shower seats, wheelchair accessible doorways, chair lifts for stairs, and curbless showers are all options that can be installed to help prevent falls and injuries within the home. One popular universal design choice among aging in place homeowners is walk-in tubs.

Traditional step-in showers and tubs can be dangerous to seniors or people with mobility issues. Walk-in bathtubs can be an easy solution to this problem. These unique tubs are designed with a door on the side, allowing for individuals to walk in and shut the door behind them, minimizing the risk of slipping or losing balance that is often presented when stepping into or out of a traditional tub. Read more

Home of 25 Years Gets a Makeover

We recently completed a full house remodel for some wonderful clients of ours in the DFW area. The couple lived in the same home for nearly 25 years and agreed that it was time for something new. They initially considered moving to a new home, and even went to check out some new construction that was recently for sale. Unfortunately, the locations of these new houses were far away from the area they had grown to love over the years, and also meant they’d be further from their family, friendly neighbors, established activities, and the beautiful trees their mature neighborhood offers. They decided that remodeling was a better choice, as it would allow them to stay in their home that holds years of fond memories, and still take advantage of the latest designs, colors, flooring, and appliances. Read more

Show Your Bathroom Some Love: Our February 2015 Newsletter

Happy Valentine’s Day
from Medford Remodeling!

Want to remodel your home, but don’t know where to start? Take our word for it: a bathroom remodel is a great choice! Both master and secondary bathroom renovations significantly out number any other kind of home remodeling project we do. The reason is simple– bathrooms become worn down and outdated more quickly than any other room. Fixtures deteriorate, vanities and counters become distressed, tiles crack and loosen, and toilets, showers and tubs can all lead to big problems if they are not properly maintained and replaced periodically. Aside from functionality, who wouldn’t like a gorgeous, 6 foot soaking tub or a luxurious walk-in shower installed in their bathroom?!  No doubt, a spa-like bathroom can quickly become a refreshing escape after a long day at the office! So rekindle the appreciation you once had for your home and give your bathrooms some love this valentines day! Read more

Country Home Master Bathroom, With BLING!

Check out this master bathroom we recently designed and built. This was an addition to the home, which makes the designing more fun as you’re not being bound by an existing footprint. The house is a 40’s bungalow style and has a country home feel, so we ran with that for the basis of the design, then added some awesome features, and bling!

Custom-built cabinets with butcher block counter tops, custom-built medicine cabinets, and ceiling and wall chandeliers!

I have a case of bathtub envy. This is a six-foot Kohler Archer soaking tub that is great to stretch out in. Look how the chandelier casts the light around the tub and ceiling. Dark ceilings are a fun accent to work with, and I’m seeing more and more of them. We had the window blacked out for photography purposes, but it’s clear glass looking over the spacious and tree-filled back yard. Read more

Seven Steps to Creating a Luxury Shower

If the master bathroom is the new den, then the shower is the new recliner. I am finding more and more of our clients want a shower they can retreat to, and relax in steamy luxury. When designing a luxury shower there are no hard and fast rules. It’s all about you, and what type of oasis you want to create.

Size – In most bathrooms, the size is dictated by the available space. Sometimes the space can be expanded by taking in closet space, a bathtub, or adding a room. A luxury size shower is typically over 20 square feet in size, but 12 square feet (3’ x 4’) is really all the space you need to create a wonderfully personal space. Read more